Terms and Conditions

At CarsName.com, our operations are designed used towards meeting the highest standards in website performance and fulfilling the visitor purpose. Towards meeting this high-standards the visitor behaviour at CarsName.com is guided and assessed by the following terms and conditions. All the website usage is exclusively dependent on accepting and following these terms and conditions.

Standard Conduct for accessing the Website Content

All the user posts shall be guided and assessed in-accordance with the following principles, whose violation could lead to account termination or even severe legal measures.

  • Posting any content that is a copyright infringement of a 3rd party website or business
  • Direct description or links towards any pornographic or sexually explicit content
  • Using any spamming techniques such as posting excessive number of comments, website posts or duplicate URL's.
  • Directly copying the CarsName.com content for 3rd party use via manual or automated means.
  • Any activities involving harassing other Users online or in-person.
  • Utilizing CarsName.com as a platform to Implement any cheating strategies * involving Ponzi scheme, Spam, Junk Mail etc...
  • Political Opinions or views that is inconsistent with the views of the State
  • Collecting CarsName.com user-information, which could be later used for infringing marketing strategies.

Infringement for Using CarsName.com

The user-behaviour at CarsName.com is regulated by the following codes and rules to maintain a high-level of secrecy and discretion of information. The following behaviour is considered offensive and intolerable.

  • Giving False information to a client or CarsName.com authorities
  • Posting any Anti-Islamic Viewpoints or disrespectful view-points towards Islam
  • Posting any Information that could be deemed threatening, allegations, invasive or spreading false-information
  • Posting any Political Opinions or views that is inconsistent with the views of the State
  • Posting any pornographic or adult description or images
  • Any involvement at activities that Utilizes CarsName.com as a platform to Implement any cheating strategies involving Ponzi scheme, Spam, Junk Mail

Visibility of Your Posting and Descriptions

At CarsName.com, you will have a exclusive post dedicated to the attributes of your vehicle, images and its accessories. Beyond the this primary URL, its under the complete discretion of CarsName.com authorities to give further visibility for your Ad. If you are advertising your CarsName.com posting, it requires permission from the CarsName.com authorities. If your AD violates any of the CarsName.com T & C's, we have exclusive authority to remove the posting.

Responsibility for the Displayed Information

At Our website, we withhold any responsibility for the following activities at CarsName.com website.

  • No Control or Guarantee over the Products or services being offered at CarsName.com
  • A buyer or seller having a deep interest in transaction could actually back-down.
  • We don't guarantee the quality, authenticity or being true to the images or description given at the CarsName.com. However we check the information being posted and deliberate about the quality assurance at every possible step.
  • The CarsName.com is only an online platform that can showcase your cars or services, that could initiate the interest from a potential buyer. Meanwhile it cannot form the end-to-end of a buying experience.


Under any circumstances, You agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless CarsName.com, its associated organizations, Working affiliates, partners, directors, employee's, field agents against any claims. Which could arise out any actions that are not consistent with the outlined Terms of Service. These include any content that could be submitted, posted, transmitted, modified or made available through the Services, and/or any violation of law and/or the rights of any existing third party. Under any claim made against CarsName.com, you are solely responsible to defend the CarsName entity. This includes payment for all judgments, settlements, damages, losses, liabilities, costs and expenses that could be involve in the litigation. It also includes that you will not agree to any settlement that could put any obligation or liability on CarsName, without its prior commitment.

Ownership of Website Content and Technology

The CarsName.com has the direct ownership with respect to the various technologies and content displayed in the website. All the technologies and user-applications implemented in the website, is privately developed by developers which is separated from the public domain applications. All the implemented website-navigation features is the direct company ownership, developed through complex wire-framing technologies. All the actions involving directly copying or modified-features of the CarsName.com content may invite legal actions.

The implemented website-navigation features has been developed through complex wire-framing techniques, whose direct adaptation can attract legal measures.

Applicable Fees and Royalties

Although the CarsName.com website is accessible free of cost, certain special services shall be availed at fee or charges on conducted business. In these situation, the CarsName.com has the exclusive right to decide the right to collect the Fees or any other associated charges. All the services and advertisements will be in-accordance with the general Terms and conditions. If any of the above terms are violated, the CarsName.com holds the authority to cancel the services being offered at the website.