Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The shall collect primary user-information with the purpose to providing a superior user experience. All the collected information shall be kept confidential and stored at highly secure servers.

User Information

During the Account-registration process the collects various User-Information. The collected information includes names, phone number, residential location etc...Our processes maintains complete confidentiality during the entire procedures to avoid any mishandling. The information can also be utilized to user-demographics and improve the future services. During this process all the information shall be stripped-down of persona's to prevent any identifiable miss-handling.

Cookie Implementation

With regards to providing a continual user-experience, implements custom cookies on your computer. These cookies are intended to store information about previous user-logins and browsing habits. This enables us to provide a personalized browsing experience on the future visits. The cookie can also store the previous visited pages, enabling a faster loading experience. The cookies are browser-sensitive, which means that the cookies can be accessed only through the same previous browsers. The information collected through Cookie's can be utilized to serve customized information, catering to your usual browsing habits.

Displayed Ads's and Third party cookie's

The website may showcase several ads, reflecting the general user-behavior of website Users. The third party ad's can set their own cookies, with the ability to independently track their own cookies from a remote location. These third party cookies shall be downloaded on clicking on the displayed ads.

Website Applications & plug-ins

We may include various website applications & CMS plug-ins that could promote the content sharing through Emails and various social media. The popular website plug-in's included Facebook Like or Facebook Share, Tweet Button's. We may also include various other social media's channel's such as Vine, Reddit etc...We will include clear description about the information that will be shared and the location of display such as your profile pages.


At, we are completely aware of the frequent hacker attacks in websites all over the world. With the acute understanding the various security risks, our website has undertaken various security measures to ensure the safe exchange of user-information and financial details. With round the clock monitoring and continuous security-updates we have ensured that the servers are impenetrable and server security is free from loopholes.